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"Dr. Resnick is the absolute best! My husband was suffering terribly from health anxiety and childhood issues. Dr. Resnick was extremely helpful and incredibly effective. My husband was hopeless and Dr. Resnick saved him and our family. I highly recommend him!!!! I cannot thank him enough."

"...Dr. Resnick gave me what I was looking for from my very first session to the last. I’m grateful to him for getting me through such a confusing, negative, and anxiety filled time in my life."

“…He helped me start living my life without overwhelming anxiety."

“…The tools he gave me have been life changing. I highly recommend Dr. Resnick.”

“A Fantastic person & therapist! Dr. Resnick has really helped me learn how to understand and use cognitive behavioral techniques to thrive after years of suffering with OCD and the related anxiety & depression it caused...”

“Consummate professional. Completely discreet and trustworthy. Explains his assessment clearly and directly without being too clinical. I learned what my problem was and how to approach it in a practical and effective manner. Thanks so very much Dr. Resnick!”

“I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Resnick. He is extremely skilled and always knew just what to ask or tell me in order to help me get to the real issues. He helped me through a very difficult time in my life and I continue to employ the tools he gave me when I start to sink into a deep depression or experience anxiety. Although I don't see him on a regular basis at this point, he has assured me that he will be there if I need his assistance.”

"I had never felt that type of confidence in myself before and Dr. Resnick really helped me develop and bring out the best in me again."

"This gentleman is the real deal. Totally changed my life. It's worth speaking to people who have a great deal more experience and knowledge than you. I also appreciate that I was able to speak with a man."

"Resnick allowed me to deal with my emotions head on in a way that I would have never been able to otherwise. By both productively challenging my negative thoughts and encouraging me to be in touch with my emotions, Resnick improved my quality of life tremendously. Because of my positive experience with Resnick, I now recommend therapy—his practice in particular—to everyone I know!"

"Dr. Resnick is an incredibly skilled clinician. Having struggled with anxiety and its physical manifestations since childhood, I have been in therapy with a number of psychologists, none of which have had the impact that Dr. Resnick has had on my life. Dr. Resnick has a way of enabling you to view your irrational beliefs through a different lense with his powerfully insightful and eye-opening comments. Dr. Resnick keeps the therapy focused with a bit of a "tough love" approach, but executed in a way that is gentle, and for me, very necessary. I felt comfortable from the beginning discussing my thoughts and deepest vulnerabilities without judgement. Dr. Resnick has helped me to live my life without debilitating anxiety and with a renewed sense of self. I would highly recommend Dr. Resnick to anyone in a heartbeat!"

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