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"I was treated by Dr. Resnick for about a year. He is a very skilled and astute listener, very approachable, and very perceptive. He very quickly got me to comfortably delve into very personal issues. I was consistently impressed with how he synthesized it all and helped me to constructively approach and successfully resolve my issues. I've seen therapists and analysts in the past and none of them even came close to his expertise or the success of treatment. You can't beat it."

"I saw Dr. Resnick for my anxiety and depression. He is an incredibly skilled, experienced, and effective Dr. He quickly got to the center of the problems that I had been having for many years. He helped me start living my life without overwhelming anxiety. I can now shift the negative thoughts (which always predicted loss, failure, and catastrophe) that controlled me for years. Learning how I feel (and why) has helped me enormously to guide myself. The tools he gave me have been life changing. I highly recommend Dr. Resnick. Thank you."

"A Fantastic person & therapist! Dr. Resnick has really helped me learn how to understand and use cognitive behavioral techniques to thrive after years of suffering with OCD and the related anxiety & depression it caused. In the time since, I have continued working with him addressing key developments in my life, and his help has been priceless."

"Dr. Resnick was very helpful in helping me address my struggles with anxiety and depression. He helped me identify patterns in my behavior and thinking that led to anxiety, and helped me practice curbing those thoughts. I felt more comfortable talking with him than any other therapist I had seen previously. Would definitely recommend."

"This gentleman is the real deal. Totally changed my life. It's worth speaking to people who have a great deal more experience and knowledge than you. I also appreciate that I was able to speak with a man."

"Dr. Resnick has been incredibly impactful in my life. I wish I had started speaking with him sooner. Prior to our first appointment, I really struggled with anxiety and self-esteem. He took the time to listen to me, help uncover why I was experiencing those emotions, understand them, and help me work through them. After several months of sessions, I noticed positive changes in myself and so did my family and friends. I had never felt that type of confidence in myself before and Dr. Resnick really helped me develop and bring out the best in me again."

"He’s smart, patient, insightful, direct, experienced, intuitive, and funny…and was able to effectively call me on my BS, while also being compassionate. 

He helped me develop more effective thinking strategies, and become much more in touch with my “emotional self.” My confidence and self-esteem have greatly improved. I’m happier and feel more well-adjusted than I’ve ever been, and couldn’t feel more grateful to him. His help was “priceless”."

"I cannot overstate the extent to which Dr. Resnick helped me. When I first saw him, I was a scared college kid in a bad relationship with a whole slew of obsessional neurosis. Not only did Dr. Resnick aptly diagnose and interpret my psychological symptoms, allowing me to move beyond them, but he provided me with the critical thinking skills needed in order to challenge my insecurities and perceived failures in real time (Teach a man to fish... as they say). Resnick instilled this ability to talk myself through my problems in a way that my previous therapist didn’t even approximate. Additionally, Resnick allowed me to deal with my emotions head on in a way that I would have never been able to otherwise. By both productively challenging my negative thoughts and encouraging me to be in touch with my emotions, Resnick improved my quality of life tremendously. Because of my positive experience with Resnick, I now recommend therapy—his practice in particular—to everyone I know!"

"Over the past 6 months, DR resnick turned a major industry skeptic into a self practicing changed man. Being a man, he was very relatable and turned many concepts that I struggled with into relatable topics I could understand and more importantly practice. I am very pleased with his work and am very thankful for his help. Trust the process."

"I can’t overstate how much the sessions with Dr. Resnick helped me become more emotionally aware, balanced and healthy. He has a calming presence and I always feel safe opening up to him about my issues. He has very sharp eyes in identifying the hidden pattern from my past experiences. We often looked back and connected the dots, and I became aware of patterns I was oblivious about. His questions and comments were immensely insightful. I often looked back and reflected on the things he pointed out. Dr. Resnick knows when to leave it and when to push it a bit further. I got the space and time I needed to reflect and grow. He encouraged me a lot in being curious and compassionate towards my emotional life. Dr. Resnick is like a wise guide throughout the journey and with his professionalism he taught me the tools to better understand my emotional problem so I can navigate through them with ease in the future myself. I would greatly recommend Dr. Resnick to anyone I know in a heartbeat!"

"Dr. Resnick helped me treat and manage my depression and anxiety. He brought clarity and insight to my thoughts, behaviors, history, and feelings. He was calm, patient, and without judgement. Dr. Resnick taught me how to help and accept myself."

"Consummate professional. Completely discreet and trustworthy. Explains his assessment clearly and directly without being too clinical. I learned what my problem was and how to approach it in a practical and effective manner. Thanks so very much Dr. Resnick!"

"Dr. Resnick has helped me get my life, my peace and my happiness back. I absolutely credit him with fixing the bad relationships I had in my life, boosting my self esteem, helping me realize I needed to cut some people out of my life, validating how I feel, and so much more. He's always understanding, always listens, he is never combative but never just tells you what you want to hear. He'll tell you what to fix and how to fix it without putting a person on 'defense.' He has a very calming and friendly presence that makes it easy to open up to him. I cannot recommend him enough (in fact, I've recommended him to everyone I know) - he is such a gentleman that once he feels like you don't need therapy anymore he will tell you just that, instead of scheduling more appointments with you that you don't need just to take your money, which just makes me trust him even more. Love this man and would highly recommend"

"I was treated by Dr. Resnick for depression and anxiety. He is a very competent and experienced psychologist. He is genuine, easy to talk to, doesn’t use a lot of technical clinical “jargon,” and I quickly felt understood from the first time we met for a session. He is perceptive and helped me develop a much deeper level of awareness about myself, to understand some very destructive repetitive patterns in my life, and to learn strategies that have helped me continue to feel more balanced emotionally and psychologically. I feel lucky that I found him and highly recommend him to others...Thanks for all your help Dr. Resnick."

"Dr. Resnick is an incredibly skilled clinician. Having struggled with anxiety and its physical manifestations since childhood, I have been in therapy with a number of psychologists, none of which have had the impact that Dr. Resnick has had on my life. Dr. Resnick has a way of enabling you to view your irrational beliefs through a different lense with his powerfully insightful and eye-opening comments. Dr. Resnick keeps the therapy focused with a bit of a "tough love" approach, but executed in a way that is gentle, and for me, very necessary. I felt comfortable from the beginning discussing my thoughts and deepest vulnerabilities without judgement. Dr. Resnick has helped me to live my life without debilitating anxiety and with a renewed sense of self. I would highly recommend Dr. Resnick to anyone in a heartbeat!"

"Dr. Resnick is simply awesome. You’ll learn practical skills and not just how to deal with a particular problem. Time well spent. He works with a purpose in mind not just allowing a patient to wander on and on. Sessions are productive and purposeful. He’s genuine and caring and always intuitive and engaging when working with patients. So very pleased!!"

"I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Resnick. He is extremely skilled and always knew just what to ask or tell me in order to help me get to the real issues. He helped me through a very difficult time in my life and I continue to employ the tools he gave me when I start to sink into a deep depression or experience anxiety. Although I don't see him on a regular basis at this point, he has assured me that he will be there if I need his assistance."

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