Thought Of The Week

*Move a muscle, change a thought - Physical activity can help change your negative thinking, and therefore, your mood.

*Investing in quality psychological care is an investment in your “SELF,” that can      last and "payoff" over a lifetime.

*Saying "I feel...," and then expressing a thought, does not express how you feel.  Thoughts and feelings are different.

*Strive for progress, not perfection.

*You can't dance at two "weddings" with one ass. 

*What you believe DICTATES your reality.

*Avoiding "negative," or "distressing" emotions also prevents the full experience of "positive," or "pleasant" emotions.  You can't just pick and choose your emotions selectively, without the sacrificing of other emotions, too.

*Worry and anxiety are the "thieves" of the "present," and of calm and emotional stability. 

*It's an illusion to believe you will be more "prepared" to cope with a problem by trying to predict it, worry about it, and anticipate what's "going" to happen in the future. The psychological/emotional "price" you pay for maintaining the "illusion" that you'll be more "prepared," or "not blind-sided," is WAY TOO BIG!                            

  You can learn better, healthier ways to cope, and manage your anxiety and worry,        and not sacrifice  your emotional well-being in the process.

*Trust is not ALL or NOTHING.  It can range anywhere from A to Z, and any place in between.  Trust is also fluid, as it can change, as well.

*In order to experience a close and intimate relationship, trust is essential.  To trust someone also means feeling the "V" word...Vulnerability.  In that lies the emotional challenge for many people. Feeling vulnerable can feel frightening, and is therefore often avoided. 

*Changing "geography" may very temporarily help, however, sooner more than later, the same repetitive issues and challenges are likely to surface.  

*Intimacy, passion, and commitment are all necessary for a deep, close, and loving relationship. 

*When someone feels emotionally understood, they feel loved.

*"Emotional dependency" is often confused with "closeness and intimacy."  A close and intimate relationship will have some "inter-dependency." However, this is very different from the "emotional" dependency that is feared.

*"The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."  The first step is often the hardest to take...especially the first step to get psychological help.

*Acceptance, appreciation, acknowledgement, affection,  attunement (emotional)...The basis of psychological and emotional security developed in childhood is a predictor of emotional security, self-confidence, and self-worth.

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